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8 Habits That Make You Age Faster

Everyone wants to keep a young body. However there are always factors that make you age faster. Sometimes it’s just some habits that can speed up the aging process while you even do not realize them. Here we list 8 common habits like that. Check if you have any of them.


1. Heavy diet

Heavy diet will result in high sugar and saturated fat intake, which will let your body lose balance and suffer skin problems. Additionally, over-consumption of sugar will cause glycosylation which makes skin age, sag and lose elasticity.

2. Drinking too little water

Any life activity can not proceed without water. With aging of the body, the amount of maintained water in body will decrease. And the reduction of water in cells becomes the vital factor that causes the appearance of winkles in middle-age period.

3. Overeating

Overeating will force big amount of blood gathered in the stomach, which will result in insufficient blood supply to the skin and accelerates skin aging.

4. Inadequate workout

Proper workout can improve blood circulation of skin, boost metabolism, reduce the loss of calcium in the body, thus maintain the body young and healthy. On the contrast, lack of workout will let you become weaker and weaker and speed up aging process.

5. Sun exposure

Sun exposure contributes to wrinkles and accelerated external aging. While natural pigments provide some protection, chronic sun exposure can lead to age spots and elastosis, or the breakdown of elastic tissue in the skin that produces leathery skin appearance prevalent among farmers.

6. Overdoing the hair

Too much perm and coloring will not only make the hair age faster, but also reduce the hair quantity and make the hair lose its luster.

7. Improper weight-losing diet

Some females take on improper diet in order to lose weight, resulting in endocrine dyscrasia and even premature ovarian aging.

8. Undersleeping

Lack of sleep directly impacts the etiology - or causes- of biological aging, because sleep deprivation boosts the molecular processes involved in growing older. Just one bad night’s sleep can make older adults age faster.

Getting rid of these habits can avoid speeding up aging process. In addition, we recommend you an anti-aging and easy-to-make recipe that will help to keep you young and energetic.


Pineapple Banana Smoothie

Pineapple is high in vitamin C and manganese which are two important nutrients that protect your skin against aging. Bananas are well known for their high potassium content but they are also an excellent source of vitamins C, A, and B6 which are important vitamins for keeping your skin youthful and well moisturized.



2 cups frozen pineapple chunks (cut into chunks and freeze)

1 frozen banana (cut into slices and freeze)

1 tablespoon lime juice

1/2 cup almond milk



Step 1. Put all ingredients into JALJA power blender.

Step 2. Select smoothie program and process until the cycle finishes.

Tips: You may lengthen the process time if you like more creamy result.