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Why Do You Need a High Power Blender?

With the increasing popularity of high power blenders, more and more people are getting familiar with the benefits of such extremely high power and high speed blending system. However some are still asking “It’s just a blender. Why should I spend hundreds of dollars on it?” Especially for some less developed markets where low power blenders or small blenders still take the dominant market place. We thought it would be helpful to explain why you need a high speed power blender if you still do not know.

1.Break down cell walls of food, more efficient adsorption of nutrients

Dated back to the early 2000s, a lot of studies and researches concluded that most nutrients in the food we are eating are inside cells that must be broken down for their release and our digestive system is not fully efficient in doing this. And a study at the University of Toronto in 2008, funded by another famous high-power blender manufacturer, found high-powered blender resulted in smaller particle size than a standard kitchen-top blender or chewing. “Cell walls are little capsules that make up plant material," said study author Cryil Kendall, a professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. "If you don’t disrupt the cell walls, our enzymes can’t break down the cell walls and the nutrients within those capsules are not accessible." "When you have more cell wall disruption, you should have more nutrients available," he said. So a high power blender is more efficient to break down cell walls and enables you to adsorb nutrients within the cells.

2.Whole foods diet, better and more balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle

The more we learn about nutrition, the more we find it is the best to eat natural foods without adding artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats, and also without removing any useful part of the food like fiber and water. That is whole foods. A high power blender can let you have an indeed whole foods diet because it is so powerful that it can crush any type of food ingredients, without adding any artificial stuff or causing waste or loss of useful part of the food, just as you like. A high power blender will enable you to prepare health drinks, desserts, meals, sauces with countless types of natural food ingredients, besides it can make hot soups and nut milks, grind grains, and crush ice No low power blenders can be so versatile and make it so well. They can generally make soft fruit smoothie or a few other easy tasks. The benefit of a high power blender is far beyond the powerful functions. Many users commented it is not just a blender, but something that totally changes their life as it starts a healthier lifestyle. With the power blender, you will fall in love with the natural food as what it makes is not only healthy but also tasty. Healthy eating will be a lifestyle. We believe everyone will be happier if they can be healthier and more energetic, then a high power blender can bring you there. On the top of that, you should have a good quality power blender as poor quality will be disappointing in performance and experience no matter how high its power is. See how you should choose the right blender for the right purpose.

So if you are looking to purchase a blender but still not sure if to get a high power blender or a standard small one, don’t hesitate any more - get a good high power blender. Though it costs you more at this moment, in long term it saves you lot of money as high power blenders generally come with more durable motor and materials so it can last much longer. And it will save you a lot of time to prepare food. What’s more important is the health benefit you can get from it.